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Acting Interns

Fourth year medical students may choose to rotate in the MICU for their acting internship in medicine.  The elective is designed to actively involve qualified students in the evaluation and management of critically ill patients with various medical problems including shock, respiratory failure, and other acute life-threatening medical disorders. Students have primary responsibilities for a limited number of patients in the ICU under direct supervision of residents, fellows and attending staff.  Students perform initial evaluations with a resident or fellow.  Students will have the opportunity to assist in resuscitation and life-support procedures with members of the ICU team. Students are expected to formulate and execute a diagnostic and therapeutic plan of management with appropriate monitoring and assistance.  Students will present 1-3 patients each day to the attending staff on ICU rounds where physiologic principles of hemodynamic monitoring, cardiovascular life support, and mechanical ventilation will be emphasized both at the bedside and in formal teaching sessions.  When appropriate, students perform or assist in performing endotracheal intubation, intravascular cannulation, and other technical interventions required for the patient under supervision of a senior physician.