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Dr. Burton Lee's Mechanical Ventilation Course

March 2017 Daily Schedule and Pre-Lecture Reading Assignment List






Unit 1.1 Ohm's Law

Unit 1.2 Natural Decay Equation

Unit 2.1 Overview of Modes

Unit 2.2 Initiating the Breath

  • Leung (AJRCCM 1997)
  • Nava (Int Care Med 1995)

Unit 2.3 Terminating the Breath

Unit 2.5 P, V & V-Targeted Breaths

Unit 3.1 VALI, Goals of Ventilation & Oxygenation


Unit 3.2 Patient-Ventilator Synchrony I

Unit 3.3 Patient-Ventilator Synchrony II

Unit 4.1 Emerging Concepts of MV in ARDS I

Unit 4.2 Emerging Concepts of MV in ARDS II

Unit 4.3 WOB, Diaphragmatic Fatigue & Atrophy

Unit 4.4 Pmus, PAV, NAVA


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